Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th January 2017 written update (Written Update)

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th January 2017 written episode update KRPKAB WU

The current episode starts with Sonakshi and Dev coming for dinner date and enjoys.

Sonakshi and Dev dances together and romances, Radha Rani comes to meet Ishwari with hidden intentions.

Radha Rani instigates Ishwari against Sonakshi and tells her about Dev's 5 crore investment in Saurabh's company.

Sonakshi is tensed in vacation seeing Ishwari's behavior towards her and her over possessive behavior for family heir.

Sonakshi says that it's like a mission for Ishwari and not a holiday trip and Dev tries to calm her down.

Sonakshi bursts out at Dev that he just want to keep everyone happy by finding temporary solutions.

Dev says to Sonakshi that he don't care if she could become mother or not as he loves her, Sonakshi gets hurt and leaves.

Dev and Sonakshi's rift over Ishwari's interference 

Sonakshi wants to be a mother to complete herself, Dev's this talks hurts Sonakshi and she bursts out at Dev.

Ishwari is shocked knowing that Dev gave 5 crore rupees to Saurabh and not even told her, Radha instigates her more.

Elena sees all this and feels awkward and supports Saurabh and Sonakshi but Radha Rani scolds her.

Sonakshi asks that he need not make her realize each moment that she can't be a mother just like his mother Ishwari is doing.

Sonakshi shouts at Dev for making her feel incomplete and doing all this with her, Dev is shocked seeing Sonakshi's anger.


Dev romances with Sonakshi making her feel better.

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