Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th January 2017 written update (Written Update)

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th January 2017 written episode update KRPKAB WU

The current episode starts with Dev and Sonakshi fitting with each other but Dev tries to calm down Sonakshi.

Dev and Sonakshi comes closer amid their fight and romances with each other.

Sonakshi and Dev forgets their pain and trouble, Sonakshi and Dev romances with each other.

Ishwari is tensed and Radha Rani instigates her against Sonakshi, Dev calls Ishwari that they are coming.

Ishwari is shocked knowing this, Radha Rani instigates Ishwari over this returning matter also.

Dev and Sonakshi are happy that their relationship is returning back on the track.

Bijoy and Asha comes to Dixit house to meet Ishwari, Radha Rani starts to taunts Bijoy and Asha.

Radha Rani talks about Saurabh's business loan, Radha Rani speaks in worst tone against Bijoy and Asha.

Bijoy also enters into argument with Radha Rani over money, Bijoy stops her from saying such things.

Dev slaps Sonakshi's father Bijoy

Ishwari also supports Radha's allegations. Ishwari accuses Bijoy for hiding truth and Bijoy couldn't resist this accusation.

Dev and Sonakshi comes judt then and is shocked hearing their fight and tries to stop all. 

Dev tells Ishwari that Saurabh hadn't asked money from him,  Ishwari is stunned knowing this.

Bijoy thus bursts out at Ishwari saying that she must rise above money and think about more things.

Dev asks Bijoy to stop accusing and insulting Ishwari,  Dev ends up slapping Bijoy while Sonakshi is shocked seeing this. 


Dev apologise to Bijoy but Sonakshi also leaves with them. 


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