Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 written episode update, Ishqbaaz WU (Written Update)

Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 written episode update, Ishqbaaz WU

Scene 1

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Anika come sin Swetlana’s room and is surprised seeing Swetlana’s shoes is burnt.

Anika goes out and Swetlana asks Tia about who came here but Tia tells her that she could not see her face.

Anika recalls all the moments when Shivaay got attacked by someone and she gets shocked realizing as Shwetlana’s hand in all attacks.

Tia tells Swetlana about Anika is alive and Shwetlana is shocked seeing Dadi and Jhanvi in her room.

Anika comes in Shivaay room and tells him that she wants to tell about attacks to him but Shivaay asks her not to take tension as he does not fear with death.

Anika asks him not to talk about death and Shivaay recalls the moments when Anika stops taking breath during Daksh’s kidnapping drama

Shivaay tells Anika that he was fear one time and touches Anika’s face which makes Anika’s nervous.

Shivaay comes closer to Anika and tries to kiss her and Anika tries to go but Shivaay stops her holding her hand.

Dadi thanks Swetlana for saving Tej’s life Dadiu does not want to see destroy family reputation so she wants and Jhanvi ask her to go out from Oberoy Mansion.

Jhanvi tells Swetlana that she does not see Omkara upset because of her and Tej’s relationship.

Jhanvi pleads Swetlana to go from here and Shwetlana tells them that she was brought by Tej and is ready to leave house.

Scene 2

Omkara allows Shetlana stay in Oberio mansion

Shivaay tells Anika that she is doing blush again and Anika tells him that she has no blush box and Shivaay laughs.

Anika feels shy when Shivaay come closer to her and then Shivaay brings her in front of mirror.

Anika smiles and Shivaay tells her as it is blush and both smile seeing each other.

Swetlana purposely come near to stairs and Tia calls her and Jhanvi turn around.

Swetlana falls down from stairs and Tej is shocked seeing it and accuses Jhanvi pushed her.

Tej blames Jhanvi for pushing Shwetlana from stairs and dadi supports Jhanvi.

Shwetlana tells him that Jhanvi wants her to leave house and Tej starts accusing Jhanvi.

Pinky goes against Tej and objects over Swetlana present in house so Tej decides to go from house along with swetlana.

Scene 3

Jhanvi tries to stop Tej and asks him to think about Omkara and then Omkara tells as he has no problem with it.

Shivaay, Rudra and Anika join Om and Om tells family that Shwetlana can stay here which makes both Tia and Shwetlana shocked.


Shivaay, Rudra, Anika and Om mixes chilly in Swetlana’s food finding truth as if she can walk or not.

Shwetlana starts coughing and stands from bed.

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