Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 13th September, 2017 written update (Tv Serial)

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 13th September, 2017 written update

The episode starts with Avdhoot’s goon follows Tanya and her friend, Anami asks Poonam to reach home she will come after executing her plan.

Tanya informs Adhiraj that some goons are following her meanwhile Adhiraj walks off from hospital to save Tanya.

While Goons molest Tanya and her friend, they asks Riya to go, Riya goes leaving Tanya alone goons molest Tanya and snatches her dupatta…Avdhoot calls his goons and asks him not to touch Tanya she is his Bhabhi…

Suddenly Avdhoot comes and beats the goons where after Avdhoot gives dupatta to Tanya, Tanya is blessed to see Avdhoot’s care….Avdhoot holds Tanya’s hand and caresses her.

Tanya turns and suddenly she finds no one she smiles and goes…

Anami goes for her blood test and she is holding Poonam’s blood sample. As doctor and nurse gets busy Anami acts like sick and changes her blood sample with Poonam’s blood sample.

Adhiraj takes Tanya home, Pujan enters hospital in black dress he collides with Anami Anami’s blood sample falls down and Pujan’s also.

Pujan's executes DNA swap plan

Anami and Pujan’s blood sample swaps meanwhile Pujan meets doctor and gives blood sample to him, the man takes blood sample Pujan thinks that this is ward no. 16 patient blood sample but in actual it is of Anami.

Daamo consoles Satrupa while Satrupa is tensed Poonam comes Satrupa confronts her and asks what she was doping in car’s dickey.

Poonam tells that Anami forcefully took her to hospital meanwhile Satrupa sees bandage on Poonam’s hand.

Dadaji complaints Gayatri no one came to meet him…Gayatri spends time with Dadji while Dadaji asks her what is going on in home.

Gayatri tells Dadaji that today is Anami’s DNA test Dadaji gets upset with Gayartri’s confession for convincing Baldev for DNA test.

Pujan gifts necklace to Kamini and asks her to become habitual of it soon she will become Lal Mahal’s queen. Tomorrow DNA reports will make them rich…


Judge announces that Anami and Baldev’s blood sample….to be continued…

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