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Tu Aashiqui 12th October, 2017 written update (Tv Serial)

Tu Aashiqui 12th October, 2017 written update

The current episode starts with Poorva tells Pankti that she has an idea for her.

Ahaan is very excited to meet Pankti and Vikram teases him.

Poorva shows photo album to Anita while Anita gets happy seeing her modelling pictures...

Poorva challenges Anita and Anita wears same dress that she wore in one of her picture  and recalls her past she gets little emotional...meanwhile Poorva makes her drink wine.

After drinking wine Anita faints and falls asleep...

Pankti gets readyfor engagement but suddenly JD calls her and tells her that he will not come today.

Ahaan and Pankti's first ride

Ahaan waits for Pankti, Pankti comes and suddenly she falls and gets stuck with water flow...from tap..

Pankti closes tap and sits in car...Ahaan gives tissue paper while she gets shocked seeing Ahaan.

Pankti refuses to come with him Ahaan romantically and in funny style teases Pankti...

Ahaan makes her confess about Richa's engagement...and finally they arrive.


Ahaan and Pankti in JD's house...Pankti falls down when light goes off...she gets shocked seeing JD while JD stares Pankti..

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