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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th March, 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th March, 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Simmi and Param hatch their evil plan to prove forth family that Raman is losing his mind.

Simmi thus makes Raman hear the manipulated recording in which Mrs. Iyer is saying car break is failed and the car will meet accident if someone will drive the call.

Raman wakes up while Simmi informs him about Ishita and Pihu went to buy ice cream.

Raman gets hell shock that he walks in haste shouting Ishita and Pihu will meet accident their car break is failed.

Family is shocked that Raman fights with Adi and Romi and family while at the end Raman Adi and Romi walk off to save Ishita.

Ishita and Pihu are coming back to home Pihu is very excited while Raman, Adi and Romi desperately search for Ishita car.

Raman is bursting his anger on Adi and Romi while Adi and Romi are getting irked with Raman mad behavior.

Somehow Raman, Adi and Romi find Ishita car and bring them back to home while Raman cross all limits of madness.

Raman decides to go to mental asylum

Shockingly in home Mrs. Bhalla accuse Ishita for provoking Raman that car break is failed. Raman stops Mrs Bhalla revealing that Mrs. Iyer told her about car break fails.

Ishita and family saves Mrs Iyer while next Simmi says Mrs Iyer is telling true Raman was sleeping how come she can provoke Raman.

Simmi thus keeps on repeating Raman Bhai is going mad, he is losing his mind and forgetting things. Simmi accuses Raman saying he is turning bloodthirsty and can also harm family.

Ishita is worried while Family is confused shockingly Raman confesses that he has gone mad Simmi is right he should get admitted to mental asylum.

Ishita gets shocked overhearing Raman that next Raman goes in room saying he will got to mental asylum Pihu is getting scared with him he can harm his family.

Ishita warns Simmi but Mrs Bhalla support Simmi targeting Ishita.


Ishita makes Raman realize that he is facing trauma he is taking wrong medicines but he will overcome this situation he is not mad. Simmi overhears them.

Raina warns Raman on call how dared he reveal truth to Ishita now Ishita will have to die.

Raman takes out gun from his cupboard saying he can’t let anyone harm his family or Ishita.

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