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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Ruhi confronts Adi and questions him if he is cheating Raman and family, Adi laughs and warns Ruhi if she will expose him then whatever will happen it will be her responsibility,

Roshni is tensed and recalls Shagun's word that suddenly Shagun comes she has brought alliance for Roshni and asks Roshni to move on in her life Adi will never will accept her and she will always stay as second women in her life. Shagun goes while Roshni stops her and agrees to meet the boy.

Ruhi is tensed while Adi and Suraj smirk, Ruhi comes to home she shouts calling out Raman and Ishita, the family comes while Raman Ishita also come.

Ruhi reveals to Raman that Adi is involved in London Recruitment business, hemet Suraj and he is only plotting against Raman, all get shocked while Adi comes from behind.

Raman Ishita question Adi while Ruhi shouts, Raman asks Ruhi to be silent while Adi confesses that he is hiding Ruhi's crimes, Adi shows a video in which Suraj confesses that he and Ruhi started recruitment business two years ago when Ruhi wanted to take revenge from Raman, all are hell shock while Ruhi cries.

Adi smartly puts all blame on Ruhi stating Raman and Ishita that Ruhi is conspiring with Suraj against Raman and family, Raman bursts in incensed anger on Ruhi and asks Ruhi to shut her illegal business otherwise it will not be good for her.

Adi traps Ruhi in big trouble

Ruhi is brokendown as family believes Adi and Raman also blames Ruhi, 

Adi confronts Ruhi and tells her that he took long and struggled hard to establish this business and he will not let her ruin his everything.

Adi tells Ruhi that he was left alone when Raman fell ill and Ishita got jailed Param blocked his accounts, Ruhi asks Adi how he can go so cheap Adi tells that he want to become very rich he tells Ruhi that if she will do something else then Raman will go to jail Ruhi gets shocked.


Raman tells Ishita that he knows well Adi is running business with Suraj.

Aaliya tells Adi that Roshni is going to get marry she is very happy, Adi gets shocked.

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