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Ishq Subhan Allah 15th May 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Ishq Subhan Allah 15th May 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Kabir tells Miraj that he will sign deal after two days while Zara is relieved that finally she got two days to find truth.

Zara meets Imran and Reema she asks Imran to investigate about Miraj Ali she has doubt on him as Rukhsar brought him suddenly Kabir calls Imran and asks him to meet.

Kabir asks Imran to arrive for Meerut and investigate about Miraj within two days, while Kabir and Imran's confession is recorded by Rukhsar, Rukhsar sends the same to Miraj where she asks him to meet her in Gudluck Cafe.

Zara questions Amaan about Rukhsar while he confesses that she went to gudluck cafe, Zara follows her.

Miraj meets Rukhsar while Zar is behind them, Miraj confesses to Rukhsar that he had planned everything and her work will be done, Miraj asks Rukhsar to eat mangoes not to count trees, Rukhsar goes.

Zara behind Rukhsar and Miraj's plan

Miraj calls someone and asks him if the money is arranged he asks him to transfer the money from Kashmir, Zara recalls Siraj and thinks why he is recalling me of Kashmir, Miraj goes while Zara follows him.

Miraj steps out from car and goes while Zara follows him but suddenly she fails to see where Miraj has gone. Some goons trouble Zara while there Kabir calls Zara but finds her phone at home.

Reema comes to save Zara they search for Miraj that people run here and there Zara and Reema get scared.


Police brings Zara to home, Kabir, Rukhsar and all are shocked.

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