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Ishq Subhan Allah 11th July, 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Ishq Subhan Allah 11th July, 2018 written update 

The current episode starts with Zara and Kabir coming home and Zeenat questions her while Kabir says that he has brought her.

Kabir tells Aisha that he has brought her daughter back, Zeenat and Miraj asks Kabir about his divorce decision.

Kabir says that his divorce decision is still there, Kabir is happy that Zara has returned and flirts with Zara.

Zara tells Kabir not to do that nor their divorce will dissolved and makes fun of him, Zara brings food for Kabir.

Zara eats the same tasteless food as that of Kabir and asks her to eat food and there Shahbaz, Zeenat and Miraj discuss their next plan.

Shahbaz asks Miraj and Zeenat to do as he says and then they can ruin Zara's life and throw her out of Kabir's life. 

Zara and Kabir spends some moments together and Kabir asks Zara to sleep on same bed and Zara is happy.

Kabir's gesture of love for Zara

Next day Kabir makes breakfast for Zara and surprise her while on other hand he tells Zara that they have to go somewhere.

Zara asks Kabir that where are they going but Kabir doesn't say anything, Zara is puzzled while Kabir takes Zara to her parents house.

Irfan gets angry at Kabir and says that he had lost all rights to come to his house while Kabir seeks apology.

Kabir tells Irfan that he knows that he had done too bad and is ashamed of that and wants to apologize for his mistake.

Irfan says that he can forgive him if he will do what is needed, Kabir agrees to do so.


Zara asks Kabir why he divorced her, Kabir says that he will tell when he will give second talaq.

Zara asks her to give answer to second question that who had given meher's 1 crore rupees and Kabir refuses to answer.

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