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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 written update

The current episodes starts with Raman and Ishita share nok-jhoks and sneakily watch each other while Raman sleeping on couch and Ishita sleeping on floor.

Next morning, Simmi lashes out at Ishita for troubling Raman, Raman explains that AC was not working that’s why they slept in hall.

Simmi thinks to meet Astrologer Vijay Diwan and takes his appointment, while there Madhu arrives to meet Vijay.

Roshni asks Ishita if she too wrong decision because she doesn’t think that Raman and Ishita are together taking care of her and her child. Ishita assures that they are.

Madhu is surprised to find that Vijay Diwan is her college friend, they both are very happy while Madhu asks Vijay to do her a favor, she asks him to teach lesson to Simmi.

Here Romi is furnishing his new house, he tells Mihika that soon they will shift to their new house while Mihika is upset Ishita overhears them.

Simmi meets Vijay where Vijay tells Simmi about everything that she lost her daughter she is troubled with her brother and his wife, her husband also stays upset with her, Simmi is impressed finding that Vijay Diwan is real astrologer he knows everything about her, she asks him to find any solution for her problems while Madhu is overjoyed seeing the whole scene.

Raman and Ishita's nok-jhoks

Vijay asks her to maintain distance from the negativity near her, he asks her to use hot woolen scalf and and blanket after getting bath he asks Simmi to avoid AC, Simmi agrees to him and goes while Vijay and Madhu laugh after how they fooled Simmi.

Raman comes for breakfast and that wearing shorts, the family members laugh seeing him while Ishita is cooking breakfast, Ishita asks him to take medicine and accept that he has backpain, he holds Raman's hand and takes him with her while Roshni and Ruhi laugh seeing them.


Simmi has wore woollen scarf, and woollen blazer, Raman asks her about what happened to her in this hot summer, she tells that she is mantaining distance from negativity, she goes while Madhu comes and laughs loud Ishita asks if she did this.

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