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Ishqbaaz 11th July 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Ishqbaaz 11th July 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Anika puts rings in temple, she prays that Daksh could get exposed. Daksh and his family arrives, Tia hugs Shivaay and praises him while Rudra and Omkara hug Shivaay and make him feel awkward, Tia laughs seeing Shivaay.

Shivaay goes while Omkara tells Rudra that soon Shivaay will learn to love and huge because she has come, suddenly Anika arrives, she slips and Shivaay hugs Anika they both hug each other, Tu Jaane Na song plays…

They suddenly part ways, Omkara and Rudra are speechless seeing Shivaay and Anika while they decide to talk about the same with Shivaay after the engagement.

The engagement ritual starts, Dadi gets shocked when she fails to find ring, Shivaay goes to check his cupboard but fails to find, he finds Anika happy that he drags Anika to aside finding her alone,

Shivaay twists her hand and warns her not to dare break Priyanka’s marriage he will not spare her,

Daksh comes to Anika and pushes her towards wall Daksh forces himself on Anika and asks her if she really liked him so much that now she is planning to break his marriage.

Anika shoves Daksh and finally she gives a befitting answer to Daksh, Anika warns him not to ever dare to touch her or come close to her, she was khidkitod and she is khidkitod.

Daksh is shocked while Anika makes her exit, there Shivaay brings ring while he recalls the CCTV footage where he saw Anika putting rings in temple,

Nikhil brings alliance for Anika

Shivaay furious on Anika Daksh and Priyanka exchange ring the family rejoices happiness while Priyanka asks about Anika, Omkara tells that she went out, Shivaay goes to meet Anika as he decided to throw Anika out from the house.

There Nikhil and his family brought wedding alliance for Anika, Gauri is very excited she asks Pandit to get the shubh mahurat for their wedding, Gauri asks Nikhil and Anika to feed sweets to each other while when they are about to feed sweets, Shivaay comes shouting Anika.

Shivaay is shocked to know that Anika's marriage got fixed, he gets upset and calls Anika out.


Anika asks Mr. Oberoi to break Priyanka's marriage while Shivaay asks Anika to call him Shivaay, she can call him Shivaay, Shivaay gets upset when Nikhil asks Anika, to come with him Mrs. Nikhil Sharma.

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