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Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th August 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th August 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Ritwik and Ananya, Rohit and Setu’s Sangeet ceremony.

Puri calls someone and asks him to keep Rohit busy he handle here Setu, Rohit gets to know that Income Tax Officer came to office and he has to go he tells Puri about the same and leaves his sangeet ceremony.

Palak and Setu with their families arrive to the venue where Palak meets Aman and Ritwik, Ritwik praises Palak's attire and her.

The function starts Setu gets worried finding Rohit missing, Puri and his wife tell her about the Income tax matter he asks Setu to not worry he will take care of himself.

Mamta gives a big surprise to Ritwik, Mamta and Ritwik's moments are shown on screen where Mamta dances on song, Jag Ghumiyaa Thaare Jesa Na Koi son and showers her motherly love on Ritwik she cries while Ritwik hugs her and dances with her, the family enjoys the moment.

Mamta tells Rishab and Ritwik that it was all Palak's idea she expresses her happiness while Ritwik sees Palak, Tu Safar Mera Hai Tu Hi Meri Manzil song plays.

Ritwik follows Palak and is very thankful to her but Palak makes him realize that whatever she did, she did for her company's profit, she tells him that she has to work.

Ritwik gets upset, there Puri again talks to Income Tax Officers and tells them that he can't make Verma sign on papers he don't want for force him he is very honest Officer, Setu hears everything and realizes that if her father will sign the papers Rohit's problems will solved.

Ritwik makes Palak jealous

Palak and Manjeet are arranging gift boxes that they hear Puri talking to someone on call he asks them to pressurize Rohit and here he will Setu, this time Setu will herself make her father sign the papers for her lover.

Manjeet and Palak are shocked while Palak feels disgusted knowing that he is intentionally troubling Setu and Rohit for his own profit.

Ritwik sees Palak and comes on stage with Ananya, Rishab and Saanchi plan to play a song for Ritwik Ananya, but Ritwik plays his own choice which upsets Rishab.

Khamoshiyaan song plays, Ritwik and Ananya dance together sharing intense closeness while Ritwik sees Palak and the duo recall their old moments, Palak feels jealous and upset, Ritwik sees Palak while dancing with Ananya.


Palak confronts Ritwik, Palak tells Ritwik that he and his family just uses everyone he is so mean he also does the same and at last he is left with only one answer that his mother left him alone, Palak cries.

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