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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 11th October 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 11th October 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Kirti’s family follows Anurag’s car where after they all get stuck in traffic, Anurag Prerna and friends all get down from car and elope from there while Kirti’s family runs behinds them but fail to catch them.

Mohini tries to contact Anurag while Nivedita consoles her, Anurag Prerna and friends all fight with Traffic policemen to let them go while Mohini is calling Anurag.

Anurag calls back Mohini where Mohini asks him to return back to home, Anurag fails to hear her and disconnects call.

Anurag and friends all sneakily elope from there misleading police and get into rally, but rally people assume him enemies and beat them, Anurag rescues his friends while Prerna rescues Anurag from rally people attack.

Siddhant comes and stops the fight, Prerna and Anurag explain the whole matter where Siddhant supports Kirti and Rohan’s love and stops Kirti’s family.

Anurag Prerna Rohan Kirti Anjali all friends leave the rally where Anurag thanks Prerna for saving him while Prerna also thanks him for helping Kirti and Rohan, later on, Anjali calls Prerna while Anurag thinks of Naveen and the lady.

Moloy comes home where Mohini confronts him and reveals about how Prerna involved her Anu in the matter and now Mrs. Mazumdar is warning her that she will file police complaint against Anurag.

Moloy doesn’t pays much heed to Mohini who is putting all blame on Prerna when Anurag is not a kid, he is mature and can understand the seriousness of the matter.

Moloy consoles Mohini and says Anurag must have helped his friends by his own wish and he is not a kid who can be influenced by Prerna, Mohini gets irked while Anupam again starts his tantrum irritating his wife Nivedita.

Anurag and Prerna get Rohan and Kirti married in temple, Kirti hugs Prerna while Rohan hugs Anurag, they thanks them for helping them and supporting their love.

Prerna confronts Anurag for getting emotional while he was hugging Rohan but Anurag denies accepting his emotions, while Prerna says that he believes in love while at last Anurag confesses that yes he believe in love but very little bit.

Rohan and Kirti ask Anurag to drop them to Kolkata Grand, while the friends and Anurag Prerna drop Kirti Rohan to hotel, Kirti’s Chachu inform Mr. Mazumdar about Kirti Rohan’s stay in hotel Kolkata Grand.

Anurag Prerna and all bid adieus to Kirti Rohan while Komolika is standing near window of her room in the same hotel.

Komolika helps Anurag Prerna's friends

Komolika tells her friends that she has now become bored of her life, wherever she goes boys start chasing her, she got fed up of this bored life while her friends tease her.

Prerna tells Anurag that today their day was very adventurous while there Komolika says that she wants to do something very adventurous.

Kirti’s family catches them while Rohan and Kirti run inside hotel and knock Komolik’s room.

They seek help from Komolika’s room to let then hide in their room as they have just eloped and got married against their family, Komolika agrees while Rohan Kirti thanks her for doing favor.

Anurag and Prerna drop Anjali while Prerna says that she is very happy after helping Kirti Rohan while Prerna gets Naveen call who asks her to tell him about what she is wearing now, Prerna feels embarrassed as she is with Anurag, they both arrive for their homes.


Moloy asks Mohini to break Naveen Prerna’s wedding alliance if she really hates Prerna, Mohini challenges Moloy that she will herself break this alliance.

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