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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 8th November, 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 8th November, 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Mohini tells Naveen and Madhuri about the Laxmi Pooja they are announcing this Diwali.

Meanwhile, Anurag comes there Mohin handovers newspaper to Anurag and tells him that everyone is talking about their coming Laxmi Pooj, Madhuri and Naveen wish Diwali to Anurag.

A gang of robbers plan to rob Basu Family amid their Laxmi Pooja and their Boss handovers the newspaper to his man to track down their address.

There Prerna sees the notice paper over which Prerna agreed to marry Naveen Babu, Prerna is worried thinking how she will arrange 15 lakhs if she wants to break this marriage.

Then only Shivani comes and snatches the notice paper from Prerna, Shivi teases Prerna and asks her if Anurag sent this love letter, shockingly Prerna confesses that it is the letter from Basu family that Shivi smiles and teases her.

Prerna gets worried while Shivi elopes from the room and goes to Rajesh and family, Prerna runs behind Shivi that Shivi handovers the notice paper to Rajesh telling him that it is Prerna’s letter and he should read it.

Prerna gets worried but before Rajesh could read the letter, Mohini comes with Shagun and invites the family for the Laxmi Pooja.

And then only suddenly Naveen makes his heroic entry, everyone stands shocked as Naveen is dressed in gentlemen avatar in Coat Pants, Naveen got his white hair colored black and wearing black goggles.

Suman praises Naveen that Mohini also complements Naveen. Prerna gets Anurag’s call and goes from there making excuse.

Anurag tells Prerna that he only asked Mohini to invite her and the family for Laxmi Pooja, Anurag asks her to surely attend the Laxmi Pooja, Prerna and Anurag talk to each other that suddenly Naveen comes.

Prerna is on the call that Naveen asks Prerna to complement him if he is looking good, Prerna compliments Naveen while Naveen asks her to come in the pooja.

The Laxmi Pooja begins and the guests start coming, Anurag waits for Prerna and suddenly Prerna and her family arrives in the function.

Anurag gets mesmerized seeing Prerna while Veena tells Mohini and Moloy that Rajesh went to pick his Chachi from the station, Moloy is very excited to meet Chachi.

Anurag is coming to meet Prerna that Anupam stops him and later Anurag’s sister Jaan stops him to show him crackers and diwali shopping.

Anurag and Prerna finally meet and they wave hand at each other but before Prerna could come to Anurag, Naveen comes and wishes Diwali to Prerna.

Trouble ahead for Basu Family in Laxmi Pooja

Mohini unveils the curtains from Ganesh and Laxmi’s statue which is embedded with gold and diamonds and they are the most expensive Lord statues in whole Kolkata.

Mohini tells her friends that she has also called a famous dance group for their grand performance in the event before Laxmi Pooja.

The guests praise the statues and complement Mohini, while behind this the Robbers are stalking Basu Mansion and are planning to steal the statues which can make their whole life.

Suddenly they see a van of dance performers who are about to ask Guard about the Basu Mansion that the robbers Boss misleads them and tells that the entry in the mansion is from back side and takes them.

The robbers’ gang beat all the performers and take their disguise while here Prerna thinks to meet Anurag before Shivi otherwise Shivi will tell him about the letter.

Chandrika wishes Diwali to Anurag and praises, they have an adorable moment where Chandrika holds Anurag’s hands and tells him that she is back to attend all the functions in which he will be present.

Prerna feels weird seeing them together and takes Anurag away while Anurag asks Prerna if she is jealous, Anurag and Prerna have a convo together.

There the robbers enter in Basu Mansion in disguise of dance performers.


Shivi confronts Anurag and tells him about the letter while Prerna stands shocked.

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