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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 3rd December 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 3rd December 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Anurag hears Naveen and Madhuri’s conversation while Naveen and Madhuri fail to see Anurag.

Anurag thinks that now he will stay quiet and will expose them with a plan he has in his mind.

Prerna wonders about Anurag while she sneaks out of window, she recalls the time when Anurag sneakily came to meet her in midnight, she recalls all the times she spend with Anurag while she is restless amid sleep.

Next morning, Mohini wakes up Anurag and cries while Anurag consoles her, Mohini apologizes for the slap while Anurag tells Mohini that he didn’t forced Ronita to say everything while Mohini stops him from talking about this.

Mohini tells Anurag that today they have to take Haldi to Prerna’s house, Anurag agrees to come while Mohini thinks that after visiting Prerna’s house, Anurag will realize that Prerna herself wants to marry Naveen.

Shivi and Veena search for shagun envelopes that Prerna wants to spend some time with her Mum Veena, Veena asks Shivi to search envelopes in Prerna’s room while then only Shivi finds Prerna’s love letter.

Shivi excitedly reads the letter but is hell shocked finding it as Notice Paper, Shivi reads everything and wonders why Prerna Di hid this Notice from family and Papa.

Shivi stops herself from confronting Prerna as she will not confess the truth to her and will give her Kasam, Veena asks Prerna if she still wants to marry Naveen after what Ronita said while Prerna confesses that this marriage is very important for her, it will change her life.

Shivi hears Prerna and then finally she realizes that Prerna Di is marrying Naveen for the loan and to save this house. Shivi decides to tell Anurag about this notice.

Mohini Nivedia Madhuri and Anurag the family comes with haldi, Rajesh’s grandmother meets Anurag and reminds him of marrying Prerna while Anurag asks her if she still remember it.

Prerna's Haldi ceremony

Prerna’s haldi ceremony starts while Dadi asks Anurag if he failed to stop himself from meeting Prerna, Anurag gets happy to see Prerna.

Veena applies haldi to Prerna while Prerna gets emotional, meanwhile Dadi asks Veena to apply Anurag’s name haldi while Mohini interrupts and says that Prerna is marrying Naveen so it is Naveen’s name haldi.

Mohini applies haldi to Prerna while Anurag goes aside, Dadi comes to Anurag and asks him to apply his name haldi to Prerna.

Anurag is surprised and tells Dadi that he only said everything to just keep her heart, he didn’t mean to marry Prerna while Dadi asks Anurag to marry Prerna, she feels that whatever he said was truth.


Anurag falls on Prerna they both fall on bed while Prerna’s haldi gets applied to Anurag’s cheeks, they both share romantic eye lock moment.

Shivi confronts Prerna over the notice and tells that today she will read this letter before everyone and it is good as Mohini Kaki is also present in house. Prerna is shocked while Shivi goes to show the notice paper.

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