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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 5th December, 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 5th December, 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Siddharth meets Anurag and tells him that he found Naveen and Madhuri’s entry in the register so now it will be easy for them to get their marriage certificate.

Anurag gets happy while they arrive for the Court, Madhuri is restless thinking where Anurag went in so hurry while Mohini asks her not to be worry as he went for some important work.

Moloy, Rajesh and Anupam are playing cards that Madhuri comes there, Rajesh and Anupam tease him.

Anurag is feeling upset for Ronita while Siddharth says that she played game with them by going in Naveen’s favor while Anurag explains that Ronita must be helpless he is sure that Madhuri did something with her that day.

Anurag and Siddharth visit Court while here Shivi confronts Prerna over the House Eviction Letter.

Shivi cries and yells at Prerna for not trusting her family and agreed to marry Naveen, Shivi explains the reason about why she is marrying Naveen just because when she took the eviction letter to Mohini then only she sacrificed her life to that nasty guy Naveen.

Prerna refuses to accept it while Shivi steps to go and show the letter to everyone and also Mohini is present in the house, she will also learn the truth.

Shivi confronts Prerna over truth

Prerna stops Shivi and breaks down in tears, they hug each other while Prerna reminds Shivi of how much Papa did for them, they cry while Prerna requests Shivani not to tell anyone about this, not even to Anurag.

Suman comes and takes Prerna for the ritual while Prerna stops Shivi from revealing anything to anyone.

Here Anurag is trying to get Naveen and Madhuri’s marriage certificate but the Officer refuses to give any details, Anurag gets furious on him and grabs his collar, somehow Siddharth controls Anurag and tells him that this is the last time we can save Prerna’s life.

Prerna’s haldi rituals continues, while Prerna is recalling Shivi’s words, she recalls Anurag promising her that he will not let this marriage happen.

Suddenly Prerna gets surprised to see Anurag who is applying haldi to Prerna…Jab Tak Tere Naam song plays while Anurag applies haldi to her hands, her face and Prerna Anurag share look.

Prerna recalls all the moments she spend with Anurag, they both smile while suddenly Prerna’s dream breaks.

Naveen comes, Suman asks Naveen to apply haldi to Prerna while Naveen applies haldi to Prerna, Prerna feels uncomfortable while Naveen asks Prerna if she is missing Anurag. Naveen laughs and tells Prerna that Anurag is not in the function that's why he though.

Naveen apologizes to Prerna and says that he knows she is not missing him while Prerna confesses that she is missing him.


Siddharth gives Naveen Madhuri's marriage certificate to Anura, Anurag and Naveen are on call, Anurag warns Naveen that he will not let this marriage happen their culture doesn't allows them for two marriages. Naveen drops his phone in hell shock.

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