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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 9th January, 2019 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 9th January, 2019 written update

The current episode starts with Anurag’s important meeting, Rohit and other employees tell Anurag that how he encourages them to work hard, Anurag thanks them and tells that he himself gets motivated with them.

Rohit asks about his marriage alliance and the girl to be his wife while Anurag is about to say Mishika’s name, Prerna comes from behind, Rohit whispers in Anurag’s ear that the couple is beautiful.

Anurag stands shocked, and the employees go.

Prerna gives file to Anurag, Anurag tries to see Prerna while Prerna also thinks about him.

Suddenly Anurag bends to put file and mistakenly comes close to Prerna they share a very close romantic eye-lock moment.

Prerna makes excuse and goes to washroom, Prerna stops herself from thinking about Anurag, while she compels herself to not fall in love with Anurag, here Anurag fights with his dilemma as if he fell in love with Prerna.

Then only Moloy comes from behind, Anurag asks Moloy about his dilemma.

Moloy realizes that Anurag is talking about Prerna while Anurag uses his friend's name asking Moloy to clear his dilemma.

Moloy gives his tips and tricks to apply on the girl and find that if she also feels the same for him, and if it is yes, then it is love.

Moloy asks Anurag to ask his friend if his name is Anurag Basu, Anurag is stunned while Moloy goes smirking.

Anurag realizes love for Prerna

Anurag is restless thinking about his love for Prerna.

Shivani confronts Ronit and yells at him, Ronit joins hands before Shivani and apologizes to Shivani he cries bitterly and says that he is helpless, Shivani stands stunned, then only Ronit laughs at Shivani and calls her fool who again trusted his drama.

Shivani turns and sees Komolika, Komolika badmouths Shivani and also Prerna. She asks her to leave or she will throw her out,

Komolika holds Ronit's hands and confesses that she will soon get him out of jail, Dad has hired a lawyer, she goes.

Ronit thanks God that he saw Komolika Di, Ronit is helpless and wants to protect Shivani from Komolika that's why he is quiet before Komolika and is ignoring Shivani.

Prerna decides to tell Anurag about what she feels for him while Anurag realizes his love for Prerna and is hell excited and little nervous.


Anurag and Prerna laugh and enjoy romantic moment amid the heavy rains outside office.

Mishika finds Prerna's photo in Anurag's room and gets angry she calls Anurag and gets angry seeing Prerna behind her.

Anurag decides to keep his shirt with him only while he touches Prerna's lips mark on his shirt.

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