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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 7th February 2019 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 7th February 2019

The current episode starts with Anurag making Prerna wear pious thread while he promises to protect her. 

The same with Prerna, she also makes Anurag wear pious thread and promises her love. 

Prerna promises to wait for seven days until he will manage everything, Anurag nods. 

They both hug each other that Mata Rani blesses them and makes them wear her chunri.

The priest also blesses their love,  suddenly Naveen and his goons arrive there. 

Naveen catches Anurag and Prerna that the priest bravely misleads them and helps Anurag and Prerna in escaping to jungle. 

Anurag and Prerna elope while Naveen and his men follow them.

Finally Anurag and Prerna reach to the road and finally their family members find them. 

Moloy and Rajesh bless their kids,  Prerna meets her family while the Police catches Naveen. 

Komolika's men inform her about Anurag, Komolika is happy that finally Anurag will be meeting her again. Komolika is seeing engagement photos and takes Anurag Mishika's photo. 

Komolika promises to knock out everyone Prerna Mishika out from their love life, and only Anurag and Komolika will be together. 

Naveen gets arrested while he gives open warning to Anurag Prerna that he will be back,

Anurag and Prerna rescued,  Naveen arrested 

Anurag and Prerna reach basu mansion where Mohini stays upset with Anurag. 

Anurag tries to convince her while Mohini is very much angry on Anurag, as he broke her promise to save Preeta and risked his life. 

Mohini decides not to forgive Prerna for what she has done. 

Anurag hugs his Mom confessing sorry that suddenly Mohini faints unconscious shocking everyone. 

The family worries for her,  while Anurag and Prerna are massaging her hand,  Mohini wakes up and jerks Prerna's hand while she forgives Anurag when he apologizes to her. 

Anurag and Prerna are watching each other with a cheering smile on their faces, while the waiter serves dinner for everyone. 

Nivedita gets pissed off seeing Prerna, Moloy meets doctor for Mohini while Nivedita is taking care of Mohini and brings her medicines. 

Meanwhile,  Veena asks Prerna to rub her forehead teeka as it makes her recall Naveen evil deeds. Prerna sees Anurag both are looking at each other that Prerna dumps into Komolika. 

Komolika warns Prerna that the game has just begun while Prerna agrees to watch her. 

Komolika meets other family members and shows interest in Anurag. 


Anurag and Prerna passionately hug each other and confess love. 

Moloy gets extreme happy to see them together. 

Here Komolika shows interest in Anurag and Mohini gets happy noticing it. 

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