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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 9th February 2019 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 9th February 2019 written update

The current episode starts with Mishika hears Anurag’s love confession for Prerna.

Mishika lashes out at Anurag for cheating on her, she questions her love and their engagement ceremony, Anurag tries to control Mishika when Mishika yells at him.

Mishika is worried for what society will think of her and how she will face everyone.

Anurag makes Mishika realize the difference between attraction and love.

Anurag refuses to continue any relationship with Mishika as he loves Prerna only.

Anurag and Mishika have argument as Mishika shows her obsessive attitude, Anurag asks Mishika to leave while Mishika leaves his room warning him that if she could not be his, then Prerna will also not become his love.

Anurag calls back Prerna and ends her restlessness while he tells her that Mishika only cares about what society will say if they break their relation, she doesn’t cares for love.

Anurag promises Prerna that soon he will settle everything.

Komolika sees Mishika’s engagement ring, she is about to wear it that Mishika comes from behind.

The duos sister have argument over Anurag, Mishika warns Komolika that he is Anurag Basu not alike her all old ex-boyfriends, who danced on her fingers.

Mishika warns Komolika that Anurag will never become her love while Komolika accepts the challenge and promises that she will soon make Anurag her love.

Anurag feeds fruits to Mohini while he is taking care of her, while here Veena asks Prerna to take the herbal recipe to Basu Mansion which will help Mohini overcome her ill state.

Prerna recalls of Anurag planned to talk to Mohini about their relation.

Prerna agrees to go when Shivi blackmails her that she will tell about her and Anurag to Veena, while later on Suman yells at Shekhar for giving so much freedom to his sisters.

Veena and Shekhar get angry on Suman for talking bad about Prerna and Shivi.

Here Anurag and Mohini spend good time together while Moloy comes with Doctor for Mohini’s check up.

Prerna reaches Basu Mansion and asks Servant to give her one bowl so that she can serve the herbal recipe to Mohini, meanwhile Komolika sees Prerna.

Komolika sees Anurag searching for Prerna that she takes advantage of the situation and meets Prerna.

Komolika misleads Prerna and asks for water while she asks her to meet Anurag as he wants to talk something very important

Prerna goes that behind her exit, Komolika takes out a bottle.

Komolika smirks recalling how the suffocation, dizziness and headache are the symptoms of ill heart disease.

Komolika mixes the whole liquid in the recipe while she thinks that how this liquid will more weaken Mohini’s heart and will torture her and then Prerna will be blamed.

Prerna meets Anurag while they talk, Nivedita interrupts them while Prerna tells about the recipe, she goes to bring for Mohini.

Komolika smirks and comes to meet Mohini while Prerna brings Halwa for Mohini.

Moloy and Anurag insist Mohini to have halwa while Prerna also insists her while Mohini unwillingly finally eats the halwa.

Prerna balmed for Mohini's critical health 

Anurag and Prerna leave the room and talk to each other while here Veena called Suman’s mother at home. Rajesh consoles Veena while Suman is angry with Veena.

Later on Suman gets into fight with Shekhar while she badmouths Veena, Prerna and Shivi, Shekhar scolds her.

Doctor checks Mohini and tells that something badly affected Mohini’s bad health, he tells everyone about Mohini’s heart disease.

Anurag Nivi everyone is shocked while Komolika tells about the halwa, Prerna just brought for Mohini.

Nivedita is angry on Prerna while Doctor asks Moloy to hurry up for Mohini's surgery and avoid any halwa or recipe from feeding to Mohini.

Prerna gets teary eyed as the Doctor tells that the halwa can also take Mohini's life.

Anurag and Moloy defend Prerna when Nivedita blames Prerna for Mohini's critical health, she badmouths Prerna and talks rubishes about her.

Mohini gains back conscious and scolds Prerna for always troubling her family and Anurag, Anurag fully defends Prerna from all allegations, Anupam also scolds Nivi for yelling at Prerna.

Nivi ousts Prerna from room while heartbroken Prerna leaves the room and Anurag follows her.


Anurag consoles Prerna and pampers her wiping her tears, while Komolika takes oath not to spare Prerna for what she has done.

Mohini questions Komolika's feelings towards Anurag while she smiles, Mohini feels happy.

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