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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 13th August 2019 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 13th August 2019 written update

The current episode starts with Anupam compelling Anurag to focus on business and earn so much money that Prerna couldn't stop herself from returning to him.

Anurag leaves for office meanwhile, Bajaj returns to home with a teddy for Kuki.

Mohini and Nivedita also return to home and see Mr. Bajaj, Maasi, Tanvi and Prerna searching for Kuki.

Prerna reveals how she and Kuki were playing hide n seek and later Kuki went missing.

Mohini taunts Bajaj saying he made a mistake by giving his daughter Kuki's responsibility to Prerna just like she gave her son Anurag to her.

Mohini leaves while Bajaj scolds Prerna.

Later on, Tanvi finds Kuki. They all take Kuki to room where she is unconscious. Bajaj yells at Prerna saying he brought her to take care of his daughter but she failed.

Nivedita gets confused hearing the same meanwhile, Maasi and Tanvi leave to call Doctor.

Maasi and Tanvi inform Doctor about Kuki and call him.

Tanvi and Maasi finally talk about how they asked Kuki to hide in store room while Tanvi switches off the lights and turns ghost, she scares Kuki in the store room.

Flashback ends, Tanvi asks Maasi of why she wants her to stay with Bajaj.

Maasi brought Tanvi so that Tanvi could get close to Bajaj and marry him but she failed. Maasi still feels that there is a chance for Tanvi to get Bajaj.

Maasi tells Tanvi of how she asked Bajaj about his marriage with Prerna while Bajaj revealed that he married for Kuki.

Flashback ends, Maasi compels Tanvi to get close to Bajaj before Bajaj could develop any feelings for Prerna. Maasi calls Prerna as a mere Nanny to Kuki who doesn't has any value in Bajaj's eyes.

Maasi and Tanvi plot against Prerna and Mr. Bajaj

Here Mr. Bajaj wake up Kuki and lovingly caresses his daughter.

Prerna gets emotional and teary eyes seeing Bajaj's love for Kuki.

Prerna sees the best father of the world in the worst person, Kuki hugs Prerna where angry Bajaj leaves.

Kuki starts telling Prerna about how someone closed the door of the store room and later the power went off.

Maasi and Tanvi get shocked and interrupt in between, Maasi apologizes to Prerna for Bajaj's misbehavior and leaves to scold him.

Maasi comes to Bajaj and praises Prerna where she reminds him that Prerna is a young girl to take the responsibility of mother so he should give a little time to Prerna.

Maasi lies that she likes Prerna and compels Bajaj to take her as a mother, not Kuki's Nanny.

Tanvi hears everything and later hugs her Mom praising her acting.


Anurag confronts Prerna if Bajaj scolded her.

Mr. Bajaj confronts Anurag meanwhile, later Maasi and Tanvi plan to push Prerna down from stairs and teach her a good lesson.

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