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Sanjivani 2 10th September 2019 written update (Tv Serial)

Sanjivani 2 10th September 2019 written update

The current episode starts with Aisha, Aman and Ishani's friends encouraging Ishani and giving support to her in her tough time.

Ishani feels blessed to have Aisha and for the first time, she finally touches Aisha's hand accepting her pure friendship.

Sid bursts in anger confronting Rishabh. Sid questions about the evidence which he intentionally destroyed while Rishabh shows the petition which is signed by the employees to oust Ishani.

Rishabh suddenly handovers the papers to Sid and asks him of why he insulted Ishani and now filed petition against her.

Ishani hears everything and misunderstands Sid's hand behind everything.

Sid follows Ishani and tries to explain his innocence but all in vain, Ishani even pushes away Sid in anger.

Shashank gets angry knowing how the man slapped Anjali and Ishani.

Vardhan compels Anjali to file case against the man where Juhi is against it.

Ishani doesn't want to take any action against the man meanwhile, Anjali taunts her over her parents' criminal deeds.

Shashank stops Anjali from taking any legal action against the parents as it was justified as their expectations and dreams broke.

The man apologizes to Anjali and breaks in tears. Anjali's stone heart melts and she lastly forgives him for the slap while she also agrees to not take any legal action against him.

Vardhan gets angry at Shashank while the man thanks Anjali.

Ishani joins Dr. Rishabh's team

Sid and Rishabh again face-off. Rishabh fuels Sid's anger by challenging his bottom line.

Angry Sid throttles Rishabh and raises hand on him that Ishani comes and stops Sid while she warns him to stay in his limit.

Rishabh has compelled Ishani to join his team as she left Sid's team.

Rishabh asks Ishani to assist him in Veronica's case.

Thereby, Ishani gets message from Rishabh's no. and goes inside the ambulance where she gets shocked finding Sid.

Ishani gets angry at Sid while she asks the driver to stop the ambulance.

Sid's friend disguise as driver stops ambulance, Ishani slaps Sid when Sid tries to explain himself.


Sid and Ishani face-off.

Rishabh insults Ishani and ousts her from his team while no doctor is ready to take Ishani.

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