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Kanika Kapoor offered Plasma after her recovery from COVID-19 (Recent News)

Kanika Kapoor’s offer after her recovering from COVID-19

Widespread Pandemic Virus Corona/ COVID-19 brought havoc among the humanity, which took thousands of lives and created unexpected panic.

It was seen that bollywood star Kanika Kapoor was effected with COVID-19 where she was isolated.

After her long treatment and number of tests finally he Corona Virus reports came negative.

After having so much criticism due to Kanika Kapoor’s irresponsible nature again Kanika Kapoor stepped ahead for humanity.

Kanika Kapoor offered her Plasma for COVID-19 treatment

Also there is news that plasma from corona recovered patients can help to treat other COVID-19 patients.

However where further it is heard through resources that Kanika Kapoor is alright where she also offered her Plasma to treat other Corona effected people.

Well, Kanika Kapoor’s this move is really pleasing and she is keen to help humanity.

Stay Home, Stay safe and pray for the safety of other people.

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