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Aankh Micholi: Sumedh wants Malhar to unfold the truth of Mini (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: April 01, 2024 02:04 PM IST

Aankh Micholi: Sumedh wants Malhar to unfold the truth of Mini


The upcoming episode of Star Plus new serial Aankh Micholi will showcase interesting twist and turn.

Star Plus serial Aankh Micholi starts Rukmini (Khushi Dubey) Kesar Baa (Bhakti Rathod) Sumedh (Navneet Malik) and Malhar (Hitesh Bhardwaj) in lead roles.

It seems Sumedh is worried about Malhar when he learns about his accident story.

Malhar wanted to reach the wedding of Sumedh and Rukmini where he could have stopped the wedding if he would have known it first.

Poor Malhar met with an accident at the wrong time.

Now Sumedh wants to know if Mini was with him during the accident when Malhar is speechless as he might reveal the truth that Mini got married to someone else.

What will Sumedh and Malhar do now?

Malhar to protect Rukmini in his house


Will Malhar indirectly reveal the truth to Sumedh and Kesar about Rukmini?

Will Malhar reveal the qualification of Rukmini to his family members?

It would be highly interesting to see what happens next in the show.

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