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Manmarziyan: Radhika gets injured saving Arjun from accident (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on June 24, 2015


Arjun (Ahem Sharma) calls himself as a bad man and asks Radhika (Monica Sehgal) to stay away from him in Manmarziyan

Current track of Manmarziyan shows that Radhika insists Arjun to forgive her and thanks him for saving her life.

Radhika calls Arjun as her good friend and asks him to tell the truth about why he is behind Sam.

Radhika tells Arjun that she has find out that he is not bad as he shows himself to everyone.

Arjun feels happy hearing Radhika’s words about him, but suddenly he gets angry and tells her that he is ony bad person who wants to get Sam at any cost.

Arjun asks Radhika to go back to Mumbai because he cannot stop him meeting to Sam.

Radhika tells Arjun that she came here to stop him (Arjun) and now she will not go back without completing her mission.


Radhika to save Arjun’s life

It will now be seen that Arjun asks Radhika not to follow her.

Radhika is shocked to see a Truck is racing towards Arjun and runs to save him.

Radhika gets injured in the process of saving Arjun from accident.

Let’s see if Arjun turns soft seeing Radhika’s wounds.


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