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Bepanah Pyaar: Meesha's obsession forces Raghbir for marriage (Latest Update)

Meesha (Mahira Sharma)’s obsession forces Raghbir (Pearl V Puri) to marry her in Bepanah Pyaar

The chilling love saga ‘Bepanah Pyaar’ is close to hit the screens by June 3, 2019

And here we are back with the storyline of Bepanah Pyaar.

Bepanah Pyaar is the story of a most fascinating Man Raghbir whose love life revolves around four Ladies Bani, Pragati, Sukanya and Meesha.

Where Bani is Raghbir’s first love, the latter’s death leaves Rghbir shattered in deep trauma.

But then only, Meesha makes her entry in his life who compels him for marriage.

Meesha and Raghbir’s marriage on cards

Meesha has quite obsession for Raghbir where she wants to get him in her life by hook or by crook.

Meesha will finally convince Raghbir’s family for the marriage and thus the new track will begin with Raghbir and Meesha’s marriage.

But will Raghbir be able to get married to Meesha?

It will be quite interesting to watch how Raghbir and Meesha’s wedding will face uncounted twists and turns.

Stay tune for the very next update.

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