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Kahan Hum Kahan Tum: Not Sonakshi, Tanya gets mysteriously kidnapped Mahesh goes deadly (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on October 16, 2019

Mahesh (Vineet Kumar Chaudhary) goes deadly psycho to harm Rohit in Kahan Hum Kahan Tum

The grand galore of engagement and wedding at Sippy house is going to see deadly storm.

In the popular story of TV Serial, Kahan Hum Kahan Tum, the viewers will get to see Sonakshi's psycho lover planning death for Rohit.

Mahesh has gone crazy after learning about Rohit and Sonakshi's wedding news.

Where first he tries to hurt Rohit on the sets of Kahani Parvati Ki where Rohit came to meet Sonakshi,

The second he plans the attack on Rohit when his first plan fails.

The viewers will also get to deadly twists and turns in the storyline.

Mahesh plans his death game

Pyshco Mahesh will kidnap Sonakshi but shockingly, the girl will turn out Tanya.

Where the Sippy family gets concerned and hell worried for Tanya, Rohit and the men get in action to rescue Tanya.

However, as soon as Mahesh will find Tanya instead of Sonakshi, he will turn to drop Tanya back to Sippy house.

Let see what Mahesh will do next to get Sonakshi.

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