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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Guneet Amber’s ishq vala love flourish via dating app (Upcoming Twist)

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Guneet (Shewta Tiwari) and Amber’s (Varun Badola) ishq vala love flourish via dating app

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is gearing up for new twist and drama.

Guneet and Amber’s life seems to take new turn, Guneet and Amber who are unable to tolerate each other are soon going to date.

Amber and Guneet both meets via dating app and here they are unaware of each others identity.

Amber and Guneet gets closer and shares their life incidents, Guneet and Amber are in different zone.

Guneet, Amber’s ishq vala love

Guneet and Amber’s this online dating goes on and soon the bubble of dreams will burst.

Amber and Guneet decides to meet each other, this is going to be most confusing moment.

Guneet and Amber will come to the coffee shop as planned while run away seeing each other.

Amber and Guneet are unaware that they have come to meet each other, what major syappa will this going to unfold ahead.

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