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Nimki Vidhayak: Dadi stands against Nimki Minto claims love (Upcoming Story)

Nimki Vidhayak: Dadi stands against Nimki (Bhumika Gurung), Minto (Abhishek Sharma) claims love 

Star Bharat popular daily soap Nimki Vidhayak is gearing up for new twist and drama.

Dadi had always been against Nimki as she has her hand in politics, Dadi hates politics and wants to keep Minto away.

Dadi just wants Minto to be away from politics because of Gangadevi, Dadi knows what Gangadevi had done for politics.

Gangadevi has left her son Minto for politics and now she asks Nimki to end drama and exit Minto’s life.

Dadi stands against Nimki

While Minto is not happy with it as he has feeling for Nimki and don’t want to go away from her at any cost.

Will Minto speak up against Dadi and express his love feelings for Nimki, what more drama is this going to unfold ahead.

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