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Beyhadh 2: Rudra Maya’s intimacy to heat up in colors of love (Upcoming Story)

Maya finds true love in Rudra makes self go lost in his love in Beyhadh 2

Rudra and Maya’s steamy romance in the upcoming episode of Sony popular TV show is going to level up like never before.

The intense love track is on the way to put the screens on fire.

While Rudra is protecting Maya from MJ and Maya is slowly and steadily making MJ’s life miserable,

Rudra and Maya’s love is going to get strengthened in their consummation night.

Rudra and Maya’s beyhadh love to cherish like never before

This is going to be the first time when Maya will realize the true love that she found in Rudra.

Maya will make herself go lost in Rudra’s love while Rudra will apply color paint on Maya’s face, and her body by sensuously feeling her breathes.

Let see how the love will strengthen after Rudra will stand with Maya against MJ.

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