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Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka New Promo: Mayura's real face caged Omkar in their unwanted remarriage relation (Latest News)

Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka Latest News: Mayura's real face frustrates Omkar caged in unwanted remarriage with Mayura

Colors serial Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka upcoming twist will see the most awaited revenge of Mayura on Omkar.

Mayura locks Omkar in a cage but eventually she herself gets trapped.

The new promo witnesses Omkar and Mayura's remarriage wherein Mayura calls out Omkar's name shocking Omkar.

When Omkar turns to see the bride, Mayura unveils her real face with the scar Omkar gave to her.

Omkar feels frustrated and disgusted with the scar.

Omkar screams asking Mayura to hide it but Mayura compels Omkar to now live with this scar on her face.

Omkar and Mayura are finally tied into an unwanted remarriage relation where Omkar hates Mayura's scarred face but he has to live with it.

Mayura's revenge take on Omkar 

Mayura takes her revenge on Omkar where Omkar is caged with Mayura in their unusual relationship.

Let's see how Mayura's scarred face will make Omkar's every breathe difficult to intake.

Till then stay tuned with us for exciting updates.

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