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Shaadi Mubarak: Woah! Tarun slaps Rati and honors Preeti (Upcoming Twist)

Shaadi Mubarak: Woah! Tarun slaps Rati to respect Preeti

Star Plus prime time TV serial Shaadi Mubarak is currently some super amazing twists and turns.

Alongside, KT and Preeti close the chapter of Nandini, Tarun also takes a decision.

Tarun's last-minute help saves KT's life when KT and Preeti happily unite their family with Tarun and Arjun.

Tarun finally realized the true worth of Preeti and accepted her and KT's relationship.

However, Rati is not convinced and she once again tries to instigate Tarun.

Rati starts her stupid ideologies to poison Tarun's mind against Preeti but all in vain.

Furious Tarun slaps Rati hard and teaches her to respect Preeti and not badmouth her anymore.

Tarun not only reminds Rati about how much she hurt his mom Preeti but he also warns her to not dare speak a word against her.

KT and Preeti's happy reunion

With everything going right in KT and Preeti's life, KT and Preeti are close to confessing their love to each other.

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