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Shaadi Mubarak: KT & Preeti fall weak finally confess love (Upcoming Story)

Shaadi Mubarak: KT and Preeti fall vulnerable to confess love

In one of the most popular TV show Shaadi Mubarak, KT the superstar and Preeti partner are finally going to confess their heart feelings to each other.

KT and Preeti stand strong against the evil conspiracies of Nandini.

KT and Preeti smartly backfire all the evil tricks of Nandini and defeat her.

After closing Nandini's chapter, Preeti and KT have their real grah-pravesh in Tibrewal house.

Wherein KT and Preeti have their warm welcome in the family, Preeti and KT decide to confess their love to each other.

KT and Preeti's special feelings for each other

KT gives his wife's real rights to Preeti and promises his entire life to Preeti.

KT and Preeti play antakshari with the families when Preeti confesses her love to KT by dedicating a song to him.

However, apart from the antakshari of love, KT and Preeti fall weak to confess their special feelings for each other.

As KT and Preeti have their first night of love together, it would be interesting to watch what new surprises are line up next.

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