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SAAKK: Shaurya saves Anokhi to pull off his ego (Latest News)

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK): Shaurya saves Anokhi to pull off his ego

The story of Star Plus serial Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani will see further a critical situation in Anokhi's life.

Anokhi gets admission in Sabherwal college with Astha's help but not everything is easy for her.

On her very first day of college, Anokhi falls in the trap of ragging.

The college boys and girls insult Anokhi and do her ragging.

Anokhi faces a terrible time and in lieu to save herself, Anokhi runs.

The students drag Anokhi out of the college when poor Anokhi dumps into Shaurya's car.

Shaurya gets shocked to see the group of students following Anokhi while Anokhi scared.

This is the high time when Shaurya will either have to choose Anokhi or his ego.

Shaurya and Anokhi's drastic confrontation

Shaurya questions Anokhi about the situation but Anokhi stands silent.

Shaurya will choose the right and defend Anokhi against the ragging or will he choose his ego and let Anokhi suffer.

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