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Molkki: Virendra Purvi and their ride of love on cycle (Latest News)

Molkki: Virendra takes Purvi on cycle ride of love

Colors TV serial Molkki is bringing in Virendra and Purvi's romantic ride of love soon.

Virendra and Purvi finally get Vaibhav and Priyashi married.

Purvi smartly flops the evil planning and plotting of Anjali when Anjali swaps Priyashi with Jyoti.

Purvi's masterstroke gets Priyashi and Vaibhav married.

Virendra and Purv's compromised marriage is budding love and everything is changed amid them.

Virendra and Purvi soon have their ride of love when Virendra's car breaks down.

Virendra and Purvi realize their love

What is more interesting is Virendra and Purvi realized their love and their intimacy is grooving intensely.

Virendra takes Purvi on his cycle when their love prospers more.

So, how Virendra and Purvi will confess their love after realizing their feelings for each other.

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