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Imlie: Aparna's wrath puts Imlie into danger (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on May 28, 2021

Imlie: Aparna's wrath puts Imlie into danger

The upcoming episode of Star Plus TV serial Imlie will witness Imlie’s new struggle.

Imlie decides to give a dance performance at the charity function and save the dignity of Tripathis and society.

When in midnight Imlie finds that the water leakage is all set to ruin the necessary items of Charity function, Imlie keeps wiping and soaking the water to protect the items.

It gets late and poor Imlie sleeps amid the water leakage.

The next morning, Imlie falls ill because of what all happened the last night but what hits Imlie hard is when Aparna and Radha taunt her.

Imlie’s life at risk

Aparna goes quite strict and arrogant on Imlie due to which Imlie hides her sickness and decides to somehow dance and save the function.

Unfortunately, here Aparna’s wrath becomes the reason for Imlie falling into big danger.

Imlie gives her dance performance when everyone praises her but before her performance could end, Imlie collapses on the stage and this stuns everyone to the core.

How Aditya will react on knowing the last night incident is worth watching next in Imlie TV serial.

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