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Imlie: Tripathis fitting reply Anu accept Imlie as Bahu (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on July 07, 2021


Imlie: Tripathis fitting reply Anu accept Imlie as Bahu

Star Plus most popular TV show Imlie is about to see the tables turning in Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) and Imlie’s (Sumbul Touqeer Khan) favor.

In the recent episode, you have seen that how Anu crosses the line to humiliate Imlie in front of the media and defames her character.

Aditya somehow manages to protect his lady and brings her back home wherein Tripathis pacify terrified Imlie.

Imlie gets strong emotional support from the family but Anu isn’t ready to let her live in peace.

Thus, Anu exposes Aditya and Imlie’s intimate picture in front of the Tripathi family.

Aditya and Imlie don’t let Anu brainwash the family anymore and thus they accept their marital relationship in front of everyone.

The Tripathis face a tough time when Anu insults their upbringing but this is not where the story comes to an end.


Aditya and Imlie warn Anu 

Anu smirks thinking the Tripathis will never accept a maid as their Bahu but when Aditya reveals everything about how Imlie protected him at every step and how much she did for their family,

The Tripathis a big shock to Anu accept Imlie as their Bahu.

Anu gets head over heels when Aditya and Imlie warn her to stay away from their family.

With the family accepting Imlie as their Bahu, they shut Anu's mouth from insulting Imlie anymore and this is what you shouldn't miss.

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