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Imlie: Poor Imlie thrown out of house in Aditya absence (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on July 12, 2021

Imlie: Poor Imlie thrown out of house in Aditya absence

The latest story of Imlie TV serial is all set to witness another major storm in Aditya and Imlie’s life.

Imlie faces drastic humiliation and backlash from Aparna and the Tripathi Family.

The family finds it hard to accept that Imlie is Aditya’s wife and is the one who fooled them by playing with their emotions and love.

Imlie and Aditya still stand together with a promise that they will not leave each other at any cost.

However, Aparna and Radha are not ready to let Imlie live in their house for even a second.

Thus, the next morning, they rudely wake up Imlie and compel her to leave the house which ultimately jitters Imlie to the core.

Imlie falls helpless to Tripathi’s decision

Poor Imlie doesn’t want to hurt the Tripathis and thus she silently agrees.

Aditya is completely unaware of how Aparna and Radha forced Imlie to leave the house.

Will Aditya succeed in holding back Imlie or they will party ways,

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