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Rishton Ka Manja: Monica's team abduct Diya Arjun comes to rescue (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on August 25, 2021

Rishton Ka Manja: Monica's team abduct Diya (Aanchal Goswami) Arjun (Krushal Ahuja) comes to rescue

Zee Tv show Rishton Ka Manjha is about to showcase some interesting twists and turns in the life of Arjun and Diya.

The show has come up with a fresh concept which focuses on a Bengali girl who loves to play badminton and wants to pursue her passion.

Diya vows to win the competition and save her father's respect and teach Monica her lesson.

In the upcoming episode, Diya will play an impressive game that will impress Karan.

Monica's team will be insecure seeing Diya's performance and will plan to kidnap Diya before her final match.

Mohan furious over Diya

Diya gets abducted so that Monica wins the trophy in the final match.

Besides, Diya's family will also be worried for Diya as she does not reach home on time and the groom's family will come to see her.

Will Arjun comes to save Diya before her match?

Is this the beginning of Arjun-Diya's love story?

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