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Meet: Oh No! Tej Ahlawat's entry a revengeful twist in Meet Ahlawat and Hooda's life (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on December 30, 2021


Meet: Manushi attempt to kill Meet Hooda(Ashi Singh) faces Meet Ahlawat's(Shagun Pandey) wrath

Zee TV's interesting show Meet is gearing up for some intense action and drama as Manushi attempts to kill Meet Hooda.

Manushi tricks Meet Hooda in the darkness and attempts to kill her to clear her way of getting Meet Ahlawat.

However, she fails miserably and is exposed in front of Meet Ahlawat and faces his wrath for hurting her own sister.

Further ahead, Manushi burns in anger seeing Meet Ahlawat caring for Hooda and vows to break their relation forever.


Meet Hooda turn peacemaker between Ahlawat brothers

On the other hand, Meet Hooda and Ahlawat return from their honeymoon with Tej Ahlawat.

Meet Hooda once again gains an appreciation for her major role in bringing Tej back home.

However, Meet Hooda's life is in trouble as Tej Ahlawat turns out to be revengeful for his brother Meet.

Now let us wait and watch if Meet Hooda will be able to turn into a peacemaker between the Ahlawat brothers or not.

Keep reading to know how the story will shape up further.


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