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Kundali Bhagya: Oh No! Sameer goes against Preeta (Upcoming Story)


Published By: Priyanka | Publication: | Updated: April 25, 2022 10:04 PM IST

Kundali Bhagya: Oh No! Sameer goes against Preeta


Kundali Bhagya is gearing up for high voltage drama with it going for many twists and turns. 

Karan gets arrested as Prithvi frames him in Match fixing. He ends up losing all of his reputation and his fans starts to hate him. 

Prithvi provokes Karan against Preeta saying that she has come back to Luthra Mansion for Money and he denies to talk with Preeta when she comes to meet him in the Jail. 

Prithvi frames Karan

Preeta is determined to prove him innocent. She hopes for support from Sameer as everyone accuses her. 

But Sameer disappoints Preeta and Shristi as he too trusts the News and Prithvi over her. He humiliates her for choosing Money over Karan. 

He goes completely against her and supports Luthras in hurting her. 

The show is going to intensify in the upcoming episodes and we want you to enjoy every bit of it. 

Will Sameer ever regret for humiliating Preeta? 

How will Preeta prove Karan innocent? 

When will Preeta get out of this toxicity and take a stand for herself? 

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