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Anupama: Naya tamasha! Vanraj throws the blame on Anupama's head (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on July 04, 2022


Anupama: Naya tamasha! Vanraj throws the blame on Anupama's head

Star Plus Hindi TV serial Anupama is witnessing quite a lot of drama in the baby shower function which was meant to go peacefully.

Adhik and Pakhi’s love relationship finally comes out when Vanraj catches them red-handed getting closer in the room.

A huge drama cum tamasha happens in the Shah House when Vanraj grabs Pakhi’s hand and swears to never let her meet Adhik but she rebels and jerks off his hand.

This much is not enough that she even humiliates Vanraj and Anupama before everyone and demands her right to love and like anyone she wants without any objection.

And here when Anupama stands with Pakhi only to calm down the situation and later make her understand things,

This intensifies the drama because here Vanraj shockingly accuses Anupama of how Pakhi crossed the line to disgrace him and his family.


Anupama falls into a dilemma

Poor Anupama falls into a deep dilemma with Vanraj’s accusation because ultimately, they both are responsible for Pakhi’s upbringing then why only she is getting blamed.

Thus, the story will now see Anupama finding a way to settle down everything.

However, will she be able to save Pakhi from Adhik’s love trap?

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