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Imlie: Bada Kadam! Aryan and Imlie change destiny post-leap (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: July 12, 2022 08:07 PM IST


Imlie: Bada Kadam! Aryan and Imlie change destiny post-leap


The daily soap opera of Star Plus, Imlie is all the more going to shift the focus on Aryan and Imlie's parenting journey which will now be with Gudiya aka Malini's daughter.

Malini claims her motherly right on the child and takes her away from Imlie and Aryan who just decided to adopt her.

Imlie faces an emotional breakdown as she gets attached with Gudiya.

And now it seems only Aryan and Imlie were destined to become Gudiya's parents and this is why they now decide to steal her when Malini sends her to the hospital, giving up on her responsibility.


Imlie to adopt Gudiya 

The next big twist in the storyline is that Aryan and Imlie decide to change the destiny of Gudiya and not let her suffer alone in any orphanage hospital.

Thus, the story takes a leap and Aryan and Imlie become parents of Gudiya.

However, will life ahead after leap be easy for Imlie, Aryan and Gudiya?

Did Malini really trap Aryan and Imlie?

What will be her next big move? 

Keep reading to know more.

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