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Channa Mereya: Aditya-Ginni's union post Simran's excessive self sacrifice (Recent News)


Published By: Jammy | Publication: | Updated: August 30, 2022 12:08 PM IST


Channa Mereya: Ginni (Niyati Fatnani) shocked post Simran's creative way of leaving Aditya's (Karan Wahi) neck 


Channa Mereya's audiences will surely get a piece of good news from the makers of the show in the upcoming episode.

Simran will get to know that Ginni has layed her hands upon the divorce papers of Goldie and Simran.

Ginni will also know that Simran has done false signatures on the papers in Goldie's name.

Simran will further go to the extent that Simran will kidnap Ginni so that Ginni does not reveal this information amidst Aditya.

Ginni will be shut in the four walls of a room and will desperately want to come out to reveal the truth to Aditya.


Simran's intellectual move over Ginni

Simran wil be seen leaving no stones unturned to get Aditya's love and name for the unborn child of Simran.

Ginni will be seen somehow coming out of the enclosed room and will be shocked to eye that Simran is in Goldie's arms.

What will be the evil reason of Simran behind acting all of a sudden in this manner?

Will Ginni be able to ever unveil Simran finding out the actual clues?

Stay tuned with me my friends to get some more gossips on Ginni and Simran's Tom and Jerry actions.

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