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Na Umra Ki Seema Ho: Dev get into Vidhi's shoes for a day with fantastic outcome of love (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Jammy | Publication: | Updated: September 05, 2022 11:09 AM IST

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho: Dev (Iqbal Khan) - Vidhi's (Rachna Mistry) awesome night out with love in the air


In Na Umra Ki Seema Ho there will be most thrilling and exciting changes seen in the upcoming episodes as Dev and Vidhi will get closer day after day.

Dev will seek apology from Vidhi and on the other hands Vidhi will demand Dev to live life as per Vidhi's terms just for a day.

Dev will agree to this super duper idea of Vidhi and against to which Vidhi and Dev will spend the day and night in most romantic area.

Vidhi will take Dev to have some pani puri and that too a spicy one which will burn out Dev's tongue completely.

Vidhi and Dev will also be seen laughing over a stupid joke which will make the misunderstandings amidst Dev and Vidhi to vanish out completely.

Dev-Vidhi's date turn out to be troublesome

In the upcoming episode of Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Dev and Vidhi will henceforth enjoy their date night to the fullest.

It will be seen that Dev will be getting dragged like a magnet towards Vidhi with ultra speed.

The story will hence get all the more interesting as Dev and Vidhi will get closer right below Amba's nose.

Will Amba be able to draw a line in between Dev and Vidhi?

Stay tuned with me my dear friends on my blog to get some more inner news on Dev and Vidhi.

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