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Rajjo: Pushkar help Rajjo with hidden perspective avoiding Arjun's attention (Upcoming Story)


Published By: Jammy | Publication: | Updated: September 12, 2022 12:09 PM IST


Udti Ka Naam Rajjo: Pushkar's hidden perspective to be revealed by Arjun (Rajveer Singh) amidst Rajjo (Celesti Bairagey)


In Rajjo serial which is the most watched serial the show will take an upright turn with Rajjo being kicked out of Arjun's house by none other than Madhu.

Madhu will get to know that Arjun kept Rajjo in Arjun's room without the information about the same to any of the family member.

This will give Pushkar a chance to make Rajjo get disappear far away from his family so that Manorama's name is also not taken.

Pushkar will come to help Rajjo as Arjun will not take any step to secure Rajjo.

Pushkar will take Rajjo to a farm house wherein no one of Pushkar's family knows about Rajjo.


Pushkar to get shocked by Rajjo's revelation regarding Manorama

In the upcoming episode Pushkar will hence get to know the fact that Rajjo is his daughter by Manorama and hence Pushkar will plan to kill Rajjo.

The story will hence get all intense as Arjun will come up as a thorn in Pushkar's way to safeguard Rajjo.

Will Arjun and Rajjo's hidden love story be revealed by Pushkar amidst Madhu as a revenge?

Stay tuned with me my dear friends to get some more updates on Arjun and Rajjo.

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