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Rajjo: Arjun save dying Rajjo going against Mamta-Urvashi (Future Story)

By: SG Admin on September 13, 2022


Udti Ka Naam Rajjo: Rajjo (Celesti Bairagey) on the verge of dying with immense blood loss as Arjun (Rajveer Singh) turn to real hero

In Rajjo's upcoming episode there will be some major issues seen amidst Urvashi and Mamta as in regards to Arjun and Rajjo's relationship.

Arjun and Urvashi will be at a Jagrata when all of a sudden Arjun will feel smething uneasy and so Arjun will decide to visit Rajjo.

Rajjo on the other side will be tricked by a goon and a warden to come into an operation theater wherein they will plan to remove Rajjo's body organ.

Innocent Rajjo will be operated by the goon when all of a sudden Arjun gets at the place and will beat up the goon to death.

Arjun's this safeguarding moment will be witnessed by Mamta as Arjun will bring Rajjo to Arjun's room once again.


Arjun face Mamta's bitterness over Rajjo

Arjun will hence be seen all criticized by Mamta for leaving Urvashi at the Jagrata all alone and taking care of a street child like Rajjo.

Urvashi and Mamta will get only one answer by Arjun that if Mamta will not let Arjun be with Rajjo unless and until Rajjo is all good than Arjun too will leave the house.

The story will hence come in the spicy avatar when Arjun's this threat will do the work and Rajjo will be kept at Arjun's house.

Will Arjun's feelings for Rajjo grow to the extent that Arjun will cancel his wedding with Urvashi?

Stay tuned with me my dear friends to get some more updates on Rajjo and Arjun's pure love.


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