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Rajjo: Madhu close the doors of Arjun Thakur's house permanently for Rajjo (Upcoming Story)


Published By: Jammy | Publication: | Updated: September 16, 2022 12:09 PM IST


Udti Ka Naam Rajjo: Rajjo (Celesti Bairagey) gets kicked out of Arjun's (Rajveer Singh) house by Madhu's smart nehle pe dehla


In the upcoming episode of Udti Ka Naam Rajjo there will be certain situations which will make Rajjo leave Arjun forever.

Rajjo will get united with her mother Manorama and so will Madhu be the happiest on this part.

On the same end Rajjo will now come to Pushkar to land up some odd work to Manorama and Rajjo in the same city.

Madhu will know that Arjun has some soft corner for Rajjo definitely and this corner will be evaded soon.

Madhu also will know this fact that if Rajjo will stay in the same town as that of Arjun than surely the spark of love will get ignited once again.


Madhu plays smart game with Rajjo-Manorama

This situation is where Rajjo will be tricked for her life along with Manorama and Rajjo will be kicked out of the Thakur house.

Madhu will make Rajjo and Manorama leave on saying the last words that Rajjo should return to her village along with Vicky.

The story will hence pick up gear when Arjun will run after Rajjo and will not let Madhu close the door once again.

Will Arjun land up finding Rajjo a job or will Arjun have to let Rajjo go to village to get married to Vicky?

Stay tuned with me my dear friends to get some more information on Rajjo and Arjun's love.

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