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Channa Mereya: Ambar's involvement revealed by Ginni to Aditya with twist (Latest Update)

By: SG Admin on September 21, 2022


Channa Mereya: Ginni (Niyati Fatnani) reveal Ambar's (Shakti Anand) involvement to Aditya (Karan Wahi) with head banging twist

In the upcoming episode of Channa Mereya there will be a brain storming twist seen amidst the regular tu tu main main of Aditya and Ginni.

Aditya and Ginni will be seen coming up more than their on screen quarrel and fights wherein Aditya will now try to trust Ginni with all of Aditya's heart.

The way Ginni took the bullet for Aditya, it will prove that Aditya has now realized Ginni's true value wherein Aditya will incorporate love towards Ginni.

Eyeing to this trust and support of Aditya it will be seen that Ginni will now be entirely ready to reveal Ambar's name to Aditya.

There will be only one factor that will be involved in Ginni still being reluctant towards Aditya.


Ginni investigate Ambar's acts in secret

The secret will come out amidst open in public as Ginni will now try to not reveal Ambar's secret of sending goons to kill Ginni amidst Aditya.

Instead Ginni will chalk down a master plan and make a superb plan to trap Ambar in Ginni's plan wherein Ambar will only land up revealing his secret towards Ginni and Aditya.

The story will now take an entirely new concept as Ginni will be the one to hold the horses bridle in front of Ambar.

Will Ginni's this plan also reveal the true killer or Aditya's mother?

Stay tuned with me to get some more updates on Ginni's smart moves.


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