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Anupama: Cut-throat! Anupama gives it back at Dimple's rapists (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on November 25, 2022


Anupama: Cut-throat! Anupama gives it back at Dimple's rapists

In your favourite top TV serial Anupama, a lot is going to change for the Kapadias after they decide to stand with Dimple and fight for the justice.

The ruthless rapists of her send a life-threatening warning to Anuj and Anupama but the latter are not ready to give up so easily because it’s about a woman.

And therefore, now when Anupama leaves for her business, here Dimple’s rapists surround her auto and suddenly out of the blue start dragging her out.

Where the rapists try their best to threat Anupama and force her to give up on Dimple’s case,

The twist in the tale comes up when Anupam gathers courage and forcefully shoves away the guys.

And now this spices up the story because these ruthless rapists themselves get threatened seeing Anupama’s strong determination to get punished by the law.

Therefore, from here on, now you will see Anupama’s front fight for Dimple’s justice.


Anuj and Anupama to bring Dimple forward

Moving on, you will see Anuj and Anupama giving enough courage to Dimple to come forward and fearlessly fight for her justice.

So, let’s see how Anupama’s cut-throat war will now shake the grounds of the rapists.

Make sure to read for the new updates to know what happens next.


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