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Bigg Boss 16: Arti Singh calls Shalin Compulsive LIAR supports Tina (Latest News)


Published By: Naina | Publication: | Updated: December 12, 2022 03:12 PM IST

Bigg Boss 16: Arti Singh calls Shalin liar


There are many former contestants who watch Bigg Boss closely and one of them is Arti Singh. She is vocal about what she feels. She says, "Tina has been a good friend of mine for the past five to six years and I have worked with Shalin in my first TV show Maayka, where he played my husband. That was in 2007. So I know both of them well. I feel that Tina is falling for Shalin's words and the emotion that he shows, but it's all fake. Of course she understands that while living in that house, one doesn't really know what's happening. But so far, she has been choosing emotions over everything else."

Arti hopes that this will now change. She says, "I hope Tina has got a reality check on how Shalin is a liar. She should not take him at face value now. I have always felt that Shalin is a compulsive liar and I can see it on this show as well. He is insensitive. He didn't take even a day to say that he never liked Tina and he used to be around her all the time!"

Tina is confused

Many people felt that Shalin and Tina's friendship was fake on the show, but Arti feels it wasn't exactly fake from Tina's side. "I think Tina was confused and did not not understand what was happening. Her emotions overpowered her. I don't feel that there is any relationship between Shalin and Tina and in their friendship, I feel Tina wasn't faking it. But I hope that she realises these things and acts accordingly," she says.

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